Patch Notes: Kalahari

Feb. 25, 2020
Patch Notes: Kalahari

New Map - Kalahari

“After we launched our second map, Purgatory, we realized you didn’t like it as much as we expected. After conducting research, we found out the reason for that was that the map is too similar to Bermuda. Since then, we started to have more conversations with players all around the world on what you guys actually want for our third map. Besides the complete new style, many of you also asked for a map with more actions and we hope to deliver on that. In Kalahari, players will not only see a map with unique landmarks that gives some insights on the story behind Free Fire, but also a battlefield that is filled with action. For more information about Kalahari, stay tuned for the incoming Devblog!”

Purgatory - Classic will no longer be available
Purgatory - Rush Hour will be available daily starting from 02/28 18:00~22:00
Kalahari - Classic will be available 02/28 04:00am

New Map - Training Grounds

“You’ve been asking for a place where you can try out all the weapons and hangout with friends for a while now. As we start to introduce more and more items into the game, we feel like it is necessary to have a way for you to test out all the weapons before going into battle.”

Training Grounds will be available 02/28 04:00am


  • Team Deathmatch
    New item presets and respawn points adjustments
    “Team Deathmatch was released in our previous update and you guys loved it. The high amount of action in each game keeps it fast and engaging, which is something you let us know you enjoy a lot. In this patch, we’re going to be adding a few new mechanisms so players do not get spawn camped and have increased survivability each life to keep the ball rolling.”

    All item presets will now provide armor and helmet for the players.
    Added new weapons into the weapon selection pool.
    Added airdrop in the map. Up to 10 airdrops can be spawned in each match.
    Added new respawn points in each play zone.
  • New Character - Steffie
    Available in Free Fire Store
    “We’re excited to introduce Steffie, a graffiti artist who is ready to change the world. Steffie’s unique ability will help increase her team’s defensive stats in a small area. This skill will be great for teams who are trying to fight for survival in the final play zones. ”

    Painted Refuge: Create graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 15/17/19/21/23/25% and bullet damage by 5% for 5/6/7/8/9/10 seconds. CD 45 seconds.
  • Inhaler
    Available in Classic Mode
    “The inhaler will be the second healing item in Free Fire. Although it does not heal as much as the medkit, it allows players to move while healing. The inhaler will be an experimental item for now since healing and moving is a completely new mechanism. We will be monitoring the feedback closely and adjust the stats of it accordingly. Let us know what you think!”

    Can be used while moving
    Restore 25 HP and EP (Up to 150)
  • Electric Surfboard
    Available in Classic Mode
    “It has been a long time since we added new special equipment into our game. The Electric Surfboard will bring a lot of mobility but leave its user a bit more exposed. We tuned down the surfing speed by a little since we realized that players were having a hard time controlling the surfboard in the advanced server. Thanks for your feedback!”

    Surfing speed: 4.65 (Sprint speed: 3.25)
    Speed while boosting: 12
    Boost duration: 3 seconds
  • AN94
    Increased rate of fire and recoil stabilization
    “The AN94 still felt like a weaker version of the AK47 despite our efforts to buff it in previous updates. This time around, we’ll be changing the characteristics of the weapon instead of just changing alone. After the update, the AN94 should be more stable and viable in mid to long-range combat.”

    Damage ratio: 38->36
    Rate of Fire increased by 11%
    Minimum range increased
    Recoil recovery speed increased by 100%
    Removed the muzzle attachment slot
  • XM8
    Damage and rate of fire increase
    “The XM8 was designed to be a weapon that is extremely mobile and easy to use. However, we realized that the mobility advantage of this weapon did not make up for the lower damage output. This update, we’re going to increase the damage of the XM8 a bit and adding additional stats to make it even easier to use when you’re moving around. After the changes, the XM8 should feel a lot “lighter” to use. Let us know how you feel about the changes!”

    Damage ratio: 30->33
    Rate of Fire increased by 18%
    Magazine capacity: 30->25
    Range decreased by 5
    Accuracy decreased by 5%
    Movement speed while aiming increased by 15%
    Shooting while moving will no longer reduce accuracy on the XM8.
  • Weapons Added to Rank Mode:
       - Double Magazine
       - Ice Gun (Airdrop Only)
       - Kar98k - Bio Scope
       - VSS - Ripper Bullet
       - M14 - Rage Core

Advanced Attachments

  • AWM - Armor-Piercer
    Available in Classic Mode
    Deal 300% extra damage to any defensive gear. (Does not deal extra damage to players HP)
  • PLASMA - Thermal Boost
    Available in Classic Mode
    Increase the time it takes to overheat by 33%, but reduces the cooldown time by 33%.
    Damage increases as PLASMA gets closer to overheating.

Other Adjustments

  • Friends List
       - Brand new UI
       - Optimized the suggested friends’ list
       - Players can now block friend requests from other players
  • Party
       - Added an “Invite” button in the lobby to open the party menu
       - Players can now send requests to join a party
       - Players can now join a party via an invitation code
       - Party host can now remove teammates from the party
       - Added a “Recently Played” tab in the party menu
  • Others
       - Players can now interchange pet skills with other skills they already have.
       - Sprint will no longer be interrupted by active skills.
       - Players can now mute selected teammates in voice chat
       - Icon of the fire button will change based on the weapons used.
       - Optimized vehicle HP display.
       - Added an option to swap weapons automatically when running out of ammo.
       - Added tips to use the health pack when HP is low.
       - Added a setting that allows the minimap to be scaled automatically