Patch Update: Clash Squad

Aug. 14, 2019
OB17 Changelog


New Mode - Clash Squad
Fast paced 4v4 on your favorite map
“We have finally created the Squad v.s. Squad mode that the community have been asking for. In Clash Squad, players will be fighting against each other in their favorite spots on Bermuda. Get ready to manage your economy and come up with creative strategies to defeat your enemies!”

Crouch-Headshot Bug Fix
Added new mechanics to avoid instant headshot 
“The crouch-headshot bug has been one of the most difficult exploits for us to fix. Our first attempt to fix this issue was poorly received by the community since it heavily affected the users who are not abusing this exploit. 

This time, we made sure that our fix only applies to the player who tries to gain an advantage through this bug. Although some players may regard this as a display of skill, we believe that this violates our design values since players on the receiving end often have no potential of counterplay. We will continue to monitor your feedback closely when this goes live to make sure players are satisfied with this adjustment.”

Added a random crosshair movement when un-crouching.

Custom Rooms
Additional configuration settings available
“We got tremendous feedback from our players after releasing the extra configuration options in the custom room last update. In this patch, we optimized and added more configuration options so players can come up with and enjoy more creative game modes!”

The following adjustments will be available:
    - Vehicles Spawn
    - Movement Speed
    - Jumping Height

Fixed a bug where the “Unlimited Ammo” option does not work in-game

New Character - A124
Available in Free Fire Store
“After the release of Rafael from last patch, players have started to adapt to characters with active skills. We want to change how players use character skills to enhance their play styles, so we are excited to release our third character with an active skill, the A124!”

Active skill: Convert a fixed amount of EP into HP upon use.

Hot Zone
Now available in Rank Mode
“Ever since we released the Hot Zone in Purgatory, we’ve been getting requests from players to make this feature available in Rank Mode as well. In this patch, rank players will finally be able to fight against each other for high-tier loot in this action-packed zone!”

Repair Kit
Now available in Rank Mode
“The repair kit was an item we were excited to release in the previous patch. We felt like it would be nice to have a tool that players can carry around to keep their armor fresh. After testing the waters in casual mode, we’ve decided to bring this item into Rank Mode to see how it affects high-level gameplay.”

Auto Pickup
Optimized auto pickup logic
“Auto Pickup is no doubt one of the more important features in a mobile game. We are continuing to improve this feature so players can focus on the enemies in front of them instead of worrying about looting and sorting their backpacks.”

Auto pickup vests and helmets with higher durability.
Auto equip accessories that are already in players’ backpacks. 
Added an option to auto pickup event items.

Spawn Island
Join us to celebrate the second Anniversary!
“We remade a huge part of the Spawn Island for our second Anniversary. Get ready to sing, dance, and party hard!”

Added a stage and a DJ Booth on the Spawn Island.
Players are now able to have a dance-off on the stage.
New background music in the Spawn Island.

Graphics Optimization
Graphics update - Bermuda
“We have made changes to the texture of some buildings on Bermuda so the game would run smoother for most devices. In addition, we’ve adjusted the lighting for some in-door areas for better visibility.”

Graphics update for several types of buildings.
Brightness adjustment for some in-door areas. 
Added a skywindow on the roof of the Factory.
Added additional platforms inside the Factory.

Toxic Zone
Damage output reduced

“The Toxic Zone was not well received by the community because the damage and armor reduction by the zone was too strong. A lot of players said that there is nothing they can do when they’re caught in the middle of it. We’re going to reduce the total damage output of the Toxic Zone so players have sufficient time to react when the zone appears.”

Toxic damage every 1 -> 2 seconds.

Other New Features

Free Fire Manual
    - Optimized reward icons
    - Page flipping mechanism update
    - Optimized the text when unlocking an item

Road to Mastery
    - A 7-day mission for new survivors in Free Fire
    - Players can complete missions and unlock rewards while learning how to master the game! 

Elite Pass & Rebate Cards
    - Elite Pass UI Improvement
    - Rebate Card UI Improvement
    - Added a mysterious Loot Crate for EP

Death Uprising 
    - Added a new type of Zombie
    - Slightly adjusted the skill for the final boss
    - Optimized the UI during battle 

Activity Points
    - Players can earn activity points by playing & completing in-game missions.
    - Activity points can be exchanged for in-game rewards. 

    - Optimized the character creation process
    - New Lobby Image, Log in Image, and Loading Background
    - Updated the default costume for Free Fire
    - Mysterious walls appeared in Bermuda
    - Event UI optimization
    - Luck Royale animation optimization
    - Added a “skip animation” option in Incubator
    - Optional package can now be downloaded in parts with smaller sizes
    - The active skill icon can now be adjusted in the settings page
    - Guild supplies update
    - Optimized the visuals for see through objects on low spec devices
    - Optimized item and vehicle collisions on the hallway of bullseye