Patch Note: Spooky Night

Oct. 14, 2019
Patch Note: Spooky Night

Advanced Attachments
“The Advanced Attachment system is a new feature we are adding to increase the viability of some weapons and make in-game itemization more dynamic. Currently, we realized that players usually stop looting after they get their go-to weapons. By introducing the Advance Attachments, we hope players search for these weapons and attachments as the rounds go on to give themselves an even bigger advantage in battles.”

MP5 - Electrical Booster
Available in Classic Mode
“The MP5 has always been overshadowed by the mighty MP40. Despite having the ability to aim down sight, the MP5 never really had a chance against any SMGs. The Electrical Booster will give MP5’s rate of fire a decent upgrade. With this attached, the MP5 should become an SMG that shines in close-mid range battles.”

Rate of Fire +31%

M60 - Spiral Charger
Available in Classic Mode
“The M60 was designed to be a weapon used for suppressing fires. However, the current M60 is not that well suited for its purpose because of its low accuracy. We’re introducing the Spiral Charger as a tool to increase M60’s damage and stability when players are holding down the fire button.”

Damage increase ratio: 2 damage/shot (Up to 10 stacks)
Accuracy Increase: 0.015/shot


Clash Squad
Matchmaking, gameplay, and UI optimization
“Clash Squad is no doubt one of the most popular game modes in Free Fire right now, but there are still some issues (AFKers) that take away some of the fun from this game mode. In this patch, we’re going to be focusing on optimizing the gaming experience of this mode to make it even more enjoyable for you guys.”

Added MMR matchmaking.
Removed all oil barrels from the map.
Enabled movement during the freeze period.
Weapon will now have full ammo after purchase.
Extra ammo will be given at the beginning of each round. 
Shop can now be closed by clicking any open area on the screen. 
Players will no longer go to the Spawn Island before the match starts.
Improved the economic system- team on a losing streak now receive more money.
New Item: “Mushroom” - provides EP to the user instantly.
Added G18, Kar98k, AN94, and CG-15 to the shop.

Dynamic Weather System
Available in Rush Hour
“Players have been asking for a dynamic weather system in Free Fire for a while now. This feature took a while to develop because we wanted to ensure that the weather system works smoothly on all kinds of devices. For experimental purposes, the weather system will only be available in Rush Hour for now. If you guys like it, we’ll make it available in all modes in the near future.”

Resource Download Center
Available for all platform & devices 
“We’re glad to introduce this feature that can save phone storage space for our users. Through the Download Center, players can now choose to only download the expansion packs they need instead of having to download the entire pack at once. In the future, we will try to include more features in the download center to save storage space for our players’ devices.”


New Character- Shani
Available in Free Fire Store
“Armor durability has always been an issue for players who are bloodthirsty. We are introducing Shani so players can make sure their armor stays fresh after each battle. We hope we’ll be seeing more aggressive gameplays after the release of Shani.”

Gear Recycle: Restore armor durability on kill. Armor will be automatically upgraded when durability exceeds 100%. (Up to level 3)

Decreased cooldown for “Thrill of Battle” 
“A124’s skill was a little bit underwhelming because the cooldown for this skill was a bit too long for it to be a viable skill in our fast-paced battle royale game. We’re lowering the cooldown for this skill significantly to make sure players will always have it ready when they’re in battle.”  

Cooldown 150/140/130/120/110/100->  90/80/75/70/65/60 

“Nutty Movement” now activates while sprinting

“We’re giving Joseph’s skill - Nutty Movement a little adjustment in this update. The skill was designed to give players an edge with their speed when engaging in battles, but right now, the skill fails to live up to its name because it does not give players a speed boost while sprinting. We’re adding sprinting speed buff for this skill and we hope we’ll see more Nutty Movement in action after this change.”

Nutty Movement now activates while sprinting

Weapon and Balance

FF Knife - NEW! 
Coming Soon in Special Mode - Cold Steel
“Are you ready to see some throwing knives in action?”

Damage ratio: 9999
Maximum Charges: 3
Accuracy: 100

Decoy Grenade - NEW! 
Coming soon in Spooky Night
“Since the introduction of the Gloo Wall, it has been proven that grenades are extremely important to Free Fire because it is a way for players to display their skills without actually firing a weapon. In this patch, we’re introducing the decoy grenade that can be used to trick your enemies into firing and exposing themselves in wrong directions.” 

Decoy Health: 100
Decoy grenade will show a red-dot on the map when deployed.

M1887- NEW!
Coming soon in Spooky Night
“It has been a while since we released a new shotgun in Free Fire. We’re introducing a two barrel shotgun that is completely different than any other shotguns we’ve had. The M1887 is a shotgun that is strong in the mid to close range. However, the long reload time makes the user vulnerable after the two shells are fired.”

Damage ratio: 170
Clip size: 2
Rate of fire: 0.45
Range: 35

Explosive Crossbow
Available in Classic Mode
“Although the crossbow already had extremely high damage, players were having trouble hitting enemies with the bolt. We’re giving the crossbow a rework by making the bolt an explosive that deals splash damage. After the update, we hope the crossbow become a tool to force enemies out from their covers.”

Damage ratio: 90
Max Damage of Explosion: 100
Explosion Radius: 3m
Crossbow is now a secondary weapon

Other New Features

Silver Fox - New!

    - Well Fed: Increase HP restored by medkit by 4/7/10.

New Game Mode Selection Page

    - A brand new UI for Mode Selection. 

Gloo wall crack

    - Added special effects for gloo walls when they’re about to crack.

Character Voice System

    - Certain characters now have their unique voice lines that activates in special occasions.
    - Only supports English Language.

Special In-game Event Marker

    - Special markers will now be triggered in match when teammates are hurt, firing, down, or lighting a bonfire. 

Spawn Island Update

    - More dance floor, more music!

Subscription Store

    - Players will now be able to access the Subscription Store from the Top Up menu.

EP UI optimization

   - UI optimization for EP’s Page.
    - Added a button for the EP special game mode. 


    - FF Cup can now support different types of tournaments.
    - UI optimization for the FF Cup Page.

Magic Cube Fragment

    - Players can now collect magic cube fragments and exchange them for a magic cube.

Share page optimization

    - New UI and special effects when players share their match results!

Grand prize optimization

    - New UI when players win the Luck Royale. Go try your luck now!

Patch note button

    - Players can now access the patch note directly from the maintenance page.

Name Change Card

    - Players now have an option to use the name change card first when they change their names.


    - Optimized the menu bar for iPhone users. 

Graphics Update 

    - Graphics optimization for trees, grass, and ground.
    - Skybox graphic optimization.
    - Ocean graphic optimization.
    - Graphic optimization while parachuting.

Kill Feed Adjustment Option

    - Players now have the option to reduce the size of the kill feeed in-game.

Road to Mastery Bug Fix

New Lobby Background

Players’ Region Now Shows in the Settings Menu