Road to Grand Master

Free Fire - OB16 Changelog


  • Rank Mode
    New Rank and RP calculation rework
    “Our goal for the rank mode has always been to give players a fair and competitive environment to display their skills. Right now, the RP calculation system makes it really hard for high-ranked players to climb up the ladder. In this version, we are making the RP losses less punishing for high-ranked players so they can have a smoother path to the top. In addition, we realized that there is actually a noticeable skill gap between players within the Heroic rank itself, so we are adding a Grandmaster tier that only has 300 spots in each region to increase the competitiveness and activeness in higher ranks.”

    Top 300 players in each region will be placed in the “Grandmaster” tier daily.
    Optimized the RP calculation for Diamond rank and above.
    Added animated banners & avatar as Grandmaster’s season reward.
    New items added in the Rank Token Exchange Store.
  • Custom Rooms
    Additional configuration settings available
    “We’ve seen influencer and streamers coming up with exciting game-modes with their fans in custom rooms. However, it has always been a hassle to set the room up before everyone can start playing. We are adding more configuration settings for room owners so it will be easier for our players to come up with their own game modes.”

    The following settings will be available:
       - Unlimited Ammo
       - Fall Damage
       - Character Skill
       - Loadout
       - Airdrop
  • New Item - Repair Kit
    Available on both maps - Casual Mode.
    “Right now, there are limited options for our players to repair their armor. We are adding the repair kit so players can have a fresh piece of armor after a battle instead of having the need to loot for another one.”

    Use to repair 100 durability on your helmet and vest.
  • New Character - Rafael
    Available in Free Fire Store
    “We understand that some of you guys prefer a skill that gives a temporary buff to gain an edge in a battle instead of a passive ability. After several rounds of development, we are finally ready to release our second character with an active skill.”

    Active skill: gunshots are stealthed on the map for a few seconds; however, gunshots can still be heard.
  • Toxic Zone
    Only in Bermuda - Casual
    “We are adding a twist to the existing red zone. Instead of randomly dealing damage to players, players in the Toxic zone are forced to move away or else they are at risk to lose their armor and HP.”

    Toxic zone may randomly appear instead of the red zone.
    Toxic zone will corrode players’ armor. Players will lose HP when their armor is depleted.
  • Hot Zone
    Now available for Purgatory - Casual
    “The Hot Zone was well received by the community because players liked the high tier loot and the high action in the zone. We are now making it available for Purgatory in Casual mode as well!”
  • Auto Pickup
    Now with more options to select which items will be automatically picked
    “Auto pickup is a popular feature amongst many players, but it can be frustrating when it fills up your bag space with items you do not want to use. Now you can tailor your Auto Pickup settings so that it only picks your preferred items.”
  • Free Fire Manual
    Available in the Lobby page
    “We are adding this feature so players can track down their journey in Free Fire. We are now giving out rewards to players when they try out different weapons, interact with new objects, and level up their accounts. Explore the world of Free Fire now for bonus freebies!”

Weapon and Balance

  • Gatling Gun - NEW!
    Added in Special Mode - Spray and Pray
    “1200 rounds with insane rate of fire… Get ready to spray and pray!”
    Free Fire - Gatling
    Damage ratio: 93
    Rate of fire: 56
    Range: 68
    Reload: 62
    Clip size: 1200
    Accuracy: 73
  • CG-15
    Removed from Casual and Rank Mode
    “The CG-15 underperforms as an SMG and a sniper rifle due to its unique 2 in 1 feature. We believe that this gun is not suitable for our current gameplay for now, so we are adjusting its stats and making it a weapon only for special game modes instead.”
    Free Fire - CG15
    Damage ratio (Sniper form): 91 -> 999
    Added a grip attachment slot
  • M79
    Will now only be found in air-drops.
    “The M79 is no doubt one of the most powerful weapons in the game. We are removing the M79 from the map and moving it into airdrops instead, so that players will have to take on a high level of risk if they want to be rewarded with the high damage of the M79.

    Do keep in mind that this change does not mean every airdrop will definitely have an M79.”
    Free Fire - M79
  • M14
    Rate of fire increase
    “Despite its high single fire damage, the M14 is having trouble providing a reliable source of damage due to its slow fire rate. We are increasing its fire rate so it has a fair chance against other ARs.”
    Free Fire - M14
    Rate of fire increased by 10%
  • VSS
    Damage ratio increase
    “The VSS has always been a great weapon to find in early combats because of its high accuracy and built-in silencer. However, the performance of this weapon falls off significantly as the match time increases. We are increasing the damage to boost VSS’ performance even when opponents are geared up.”
    Free Fire - VSS
    Damage ratio increased by 10%
  • SKS
    Rate of fire increase
    “The SKS is in a bad spot where it does not have the stopping power of a sniper rifle but it also does not have the flexibility of an AR. We are increasing the rate of fire slightly increase SKS’ damage output and make it feel more like a DMR.”
    Free Fire - SKS
    Rate of fire increased by 10%
  • XM8
    Weapon accuracy increase
    “As of right now, the XM8 does not shine in mid-ranged battles as it was intended to. We are making the XM8 stronger by increasing the accuracy to make it more spammable in mid-range combat.”
    Free Fire - XM8
    Weapon accuracy increased by 5%
  • AN94
    Recoil recovery decrease, damage ratio increase
    “The AN94 is still a weaker version of the AK even after the buff in the previous patch. We are increasing the damage ratio of the AN94 even more and reducing the recoil recovery greatly to make it more viable for tapping and short bursts of fire.”
    Free Fire - AN94
    Recoil recovery time decreased by 100%
    Damage ratio increased by 3%
  • Sniper Rifles
    “Sniper rifles are meant to fulfill the niche of long range combat. However, we have seen that Assault Rifles are almost always preferred over Sniper rifles for this purpose. Assault Rifles with high-zoom scopes tend to perform on-par, if not better, than Sniper rifles in most long-range situations.

    We are buffing the damage of Sniper Rifles to bring it in line with the performance of Assault Rifles. The hitbox for Sniper bullets will also be increased slightly, making it easier to hit moving targets. However, we will also be reducing the rate of fire for Sniper Rifles to ensure there is a window of time for players to react.

    We will be monitoring this change closely to ensure it has a positive impact on our gameplay.”

    Kar98k damage ratio to body increased by 40%
    Kar98k rate of fire decreased by 10%
    AWM damage ratio to body increased by 50%
    AWM rate of fire decreased by 10%
    Sniper rifles headshot damage unchanged
    Optimized the bullet registration for sniper rifles.

Other New Features

  • Graphics Update
       - New models for palm trees
       - Graphics update for foliage and ghillie suits
  • Brand new summer-themed spawn island
  • Elite Pass
       - Players can now complete the Fire Pass missions and unlock special missions to get extra badges.
       - Added different types of daily missions
       - Added special challenges which are additional missions that will be unlocked when players complete a certain amount of Veteran or Elite missions.
  • Weapon Drop
       - Only one of the following weapons will be available each match:
          - Crossbow
          - M1873
          - M500
          - G18
       - Only two of the following weapons will be available each match:
          - XM8
          - AN94
          - M14
  • Zombie Invasion
       - Added Zombie airdrop - an airstrike that will spawn zombies in the targeted area.
       - Added a ranged zombie.
  • Death Uprising
       - Slightly increased the playable area on the map
       - Added a new difficulty - Inferno
       - Added a new zombie - Shielder
          - The shielder can block incoming damages.
       - Added a new boss - Undead Agent
          - Undead agent will only show up in “Hard” and “Inferno” difficulty.
       - Added two in-game buffs
          - Unlimited Ammo - spray and pray!
          - Perseverance - remain 1 hp upon taking lethal damage
       - Grenades are now available in this mode.
  • Misc.
       - Optimized UI for the match result page.
       - Optimized hot zone size for both maps.
       - Include red zone, toxic zone, and barrels on the kill feed.
       - Fixed a big where grenade launchers can be shot through walls.
       - Event related items will no-longer show a red-dot on the map. Crosshairs will no longer snap onto them automatically.
       - Daily login reward optimization
       - A button to watch ads is added after all games.
       - Removed “Chinese Simplified” language option.