The End Is Near...

2019-05-08 18:00

New Features

  • New area in Bermuda - Bullseye
    Free Fire - New area in Bermuda - Bullseye
  • Added Hot Zone
    - An area that spawns high tier supplies
    Free Fire - Added Hot Zone
  • Added additional ziplines and launchers on Bermuda
  • New Weapon: CG15
    - A sniper rifle that can charge up and deal more damage.
    Free Fire - New Weapon: CG15
  • New Item: Info Box
    - A device that reveals the next play-zone and current in-game airdrops.
    Free Fire - New Item: Info Box
  • Team Parachuting:
    - Players can now parachute with their teammates.
    Free Fire - Team Parachuting
  • Added BGM while parachuting.

  • New Character - Laura
    - Skill: accuracy increased when scoped-in.
    Free Fire - New Character- Laura
  • Guild System Upgrad
    - Players will be able to get Guild Tokens after completing guild missions.
    - Guild Tokens can be used to exchange for exclusive items in the Free Fire Store.
    Free Fire - Guild Store
    - Added guild chat and logs.
    Free Fire - GuildChat
    Free Fire - Guild Log
  • Zombie Invasion
    - A new zombie joined the dark side.
  • Added Arabic as a language option.
  • New Loading Image and Lobby Background Image.
    Free Fire - New Loading Image
    Free Fire - Lobby Background Image
  • New BGM in the Luck Royale.


  • Player Launcher Optimization:
    - Resized the launcher for better visibility
  • Adjusted camera and landing animation
  • Shooting accuracy reduced shortly after un-crouching
  • Death Uprising Optimization:
    - UI optimization
    - Increased the base armor for all zombies
    - Random buffs will now drop randomly after killing a zombie
    - Weapon slot UI optimization
  • Match result optimization
  • Pet UI optimization
  • Shop Update
  • Weapon now shows PvP and PvE stats
  • New costumes and collections
  • Re-designed the 2x Exp, Gold, Fragment icon so it is more visible
  • Updated Elite Pass badge display in player’s profile
  • Added an indicator for using medkits and grenades
  • Event items will be placed in the last spot in the inventory
  • BOOYAH animation adjustment
  • Added description for the 2x rank points card
  • Added a “details” button for ranked season rewards
  • Players can now open multiple loot crates at once
  • Added a button to equip the entire set of the item instantly
  • Added weapon royale voucher
  • Added a “Get All” button to claim all the Elite Pass rewards
  • Players who successfully reported a hacker will now receive a thank you letter from the devs