2018-12-05 20:00


  • Winter and festive elements have been added to the maps
    Elements have also been added to the lobby, various game screens and app icons.
    We have given our background music a slight twist
    Free Fire - Winterlands
  • Guild Tournaments!
    Guild tournaments are weekly tournaments that guilds may compete in for dog tags.
    The more dog tags you have, the greater rewards you and your guild will be entitled to
    Free Fire - Winterlands
  • Ranked mode revamp!
    We have given ranked mode a fresh new look.
    Daily missions have been added.
    New ranked store for users to exchange exclusive items with ranked tokens
    Free Fire - Winterlands
  • New Character - Antonio
    Antonio begins the match with additional HP.
    Free Fire - Winterlands
  • The 3rd skill slot can now be unlocked.
    Free Fire - Winterlands
  • Players will now gain additional fragments based on the skills equipped.
  • Vests can now be upgraded to level 4 for added protection and durability.
  • Sentosa is now more accessible with 4 new ziplines added in Bermuda.
  • Smoke barrels now in play!
    These barrels, when destroyed, produce smoke that cover your tracks.
  • You can now shape-shift into a gigantic snowball on the starting island!
  • Rare items now have their own full-screen animation and special effects!
  • Rare items now have their own in-game special effects.
  • Magic Cube
    Additional rewards can now be exchanged with the introduction of magic cubes.
    Magic cubes are awarded in luck royale.
  • Workshop
    Workshop allows players to re-work their items with the use of evolution stones.
    Free Fire - Winterlands
  • The gift shop has also been given a face-lift
  • Emojis have been added to chat
  • Lucky card - new prizes!
    Cardback and prizes updated with a whole host of new items.
    Free Fire - Winterlands


  • Certain weapon skins can now be seen in the lobby and carried into only the starting island
  • Players may now be reminded when the free Gold Royale spin is available
  • More real-time shadows can be seen on certain devices
  • A video button has been added to Fire Pass
  • M249 now deals 50% more damage to vehicles, gloo walls and barrels.